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10 Best Apple Orchards USA

  10 Best Apple Orchards in the US

It was actually no surprise to me that Mercier Orchards, “Growing for you Since 1943” appeared in USA Today’s list of the 10 best apple orchards in the USA.  My wife, Terri (she owns Terri’s Treasure Trove here in town), and I have been going there since we first started coming to Blue Ridge, GA in 2005.  We have always loved their “individual” apple pies, although I like the blueberry pies even better!  Nothing tastes better than warming one up for 30 seconds in the microwave with a bowl of vanilla ice cream! No wonder I have gained a few pounds since moving here…Anyway, check out the article from USA Today here, because it is not just the pies – it is all the other things they have there that make it one of the best in the entire USA in USA Today’s  10 Best Readers Choice Awards: Click here to read the article.


Steve Tucker

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